Featured Books

Barbara E. Walvoord, Assessment Clear and Simple: A Practical Guide for Institutions, Departments, and General Education (2d ed. 2010).  I am a big fan of this book.  As the title suggests, the book presents assessment in a straightforward manner.  It cuts through the jargon to focus on the essentials of outcomes-based assessment.  Chapters present information specifically for faculty, department chairs, and deans other leaders.  This is a great resource for someone brand new to assessment.

51vwwdiyggl-_sx347_bo1204203200_Lori E. Shaw and Victoria L. VanZandt, Student Learning Outcomes and Law School Assessment: A Practical Guide to Measuring Institutional Effectiveness (2015). Review forthcoming!




Barbara E. Walvoord and Virginia Johnson Anderson, Effective Grading: A Tool for Learning and Assessment in College (2d ed. 2010).  An excellent resource on course-level assessment to promote student learning.  There are also tie-ins to departmental and programmatic assessment.