This page contains links to conferences, past and future, on assessment in legal education. Some of the previous conferences on assessment have links to materials from their presenters.


Institute for Law Teaching, Responding to the New ABA Standards: Best Practices in Outcomes Assessment (Boston, MA; April 1-2, 2016).

Whittier Law School, Building an Assessment Plan from the Ground Up (Costa Mesa, CA; November 14, 2015)

AALS, Workshop on Measuring Learning Gains; Institutional Effectiveness for the New Era (Orlando, FL; June 22-24, 2015)

Law School Survey of Student Engagement, Data and Assessment in Legal Education: The Necessities, The Possibilities (St. Louis, MO; November 6-7, 2014)

Institute for Law Teaching, Assessment Across the Curriculum (Little Rock, AR; April 5, 2014)

Institute for Law Teaching, Engaging and Assessing Our Students (New York, NY; June 1-3, 2011)

University of Denver, Legal Education at the Crossroads v3 – A Conference on Assessment (Denver, CO; September 11-13, 2009)